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My testosterone levels are above 1000 naturally at age 34?

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    My testosterone levels are above 1000 naturally at age 34?

    Hi, new to the forum. Was looking for a place to get some more opinions on my testosterone levels. I'm 34 married with kids and been out of the gym for most of the last few years. Slowly been making my way back in several times per week and a trusted friend recommended a twice/week injection of GABA mixed with some vitamins. I asked my doctor to test my blood for the usual things in addition to T3 and IGF-1. I went in today to go over the results and was shocked to have a Testosterone level of 1015 ng/dL (range was 175-781). Free Testosterone was 11.8 (range 8.7-25.1). Remember I'm 34 years old and the doctor said he has never seen natural levels that high. My IGF-1 level was 342 ng/mL (range was 115-307). From what I read online, taking GABA can directly increase your HGH levels but my doctor is baffled by the 1000+ testosterone levels. I had been taking the GABA for 3 weeks when my blood was drawn. He actually took more blood to test for pituitary problems that may be causing excessive hormone production. Has this happened to anyone else? I'm thinking I will continue the twice/wk GABA injection and will go back in 8 weeks to re-test my hormone levels. Thought maybe someone here could help.

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    That's strange. I guess you could say your lucky. My natural testosterone levels have been long gone for a while now.
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