Sorry for the late response guys. With this weekend and next weekend being considered holiday weekends by most people sense the holiday is in the middle of the fucking week, everyone has a lot going on. I know I do. I'm out of town until the 10th on vacation. So of you pm me please don't freak out if I don't respond until the evening. I have no reception when out on my boat but I will get to you and I will give out the 10% off codes to our VIPs as soon as I get them. I'll have reception today since I'm at the cove where there's a cell phone tower. But still please pm myself or Z82 if you need anything before pming thepitcrew. He has a lot on his plate and its easier on all of us if you just bring them to me first so he can do what he needs to do. Thank you and have a good 4th. I'll still be on here just not as much as I usually am during the day but I'll make up for it in the evening.