Hey guys!

My rats were using another brands MT II and the results were ok but not spectacular. I didnt really know what to expect as this was the first run experimenting with MT II. I changed to Purchase Peptides MT II during the research and found that the test subjects reacted significantly faster and more dramatically to the MT II that I bought from Purchase Peptides. The freckles darkened within the first week where they had not darkened in the previous two weeks combined from the other companies product. The subjects reacted to tanning in a manner that has never been seen due to the skin type. The subjects are incredibly fair skinned and have always reacted horribly to sunlight so MT II makes sense! There was also an incredible increase in sexual stimulation and erectile functionality as well. This was also quite pronounced in comparison to the other product.

The subjects were dosed with 1mg/day 7 days per week for both products. The inital phase was 2 weeks from Extreme Peptides and the current cycle is using Purchase Peptides. I changed at 2 weeks to see if there were any significant differences in possible side effects but the only side effect was that the product had a far more pronounced affect on libido and skin darkening. The next round of testing will be with Hardcore Peptides. There are two different subjects as well. One has only ran PP and the other was only planning on using Extreme but the results in the female subject were too pronounced so I made the change to see if the effectiveness carried over into the second subject. Bad testing protocol, I know but the results were needed as soon as possible!!!!!

Also noted that the price of these products were identical. I will be conducting tests on one other sponsors MT II before concluding my research and providing the details as to which product had the most pronounced effect in this price range. CEM will not be tested due to the research being conducted on products for the price range. This is in no way a knock on CEM, I am simply trying to find the highest quality for the price range of three different reserach companies. All are right around 30 dollars per 10Mgs, CEM is at 60 dollars for the same amount.

Thanks and I hope this was found helpful by some of you out there!