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My Experience with Superior Hardcore Peptides

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    My Experience with Superior Hardcore Peptides

    The Additional Benefits of Ghrelin Mimetics: How they can help you grow with minimal out of pocket cost.

    Sometimes help is staring us right in the face...yet we don't recognize it.

    We have all heard about the GH increasing capabilities of GH peptides, as most research/peptide companies have chosen to use this angle as their primary marketing tactic. However, with growth hormone being a constant subject of interest to most BB'rs, the other benefits associated with this class of compounds are often given minimal consideration. I believe this is a mistake.

    I have now been using GH peptides for over 2 years consistently and it did not take me long to realize that their use allowed me to overcome one of my biggest obstacles. Like many other people trying to improve their physique, the task of eating all the food I needed to grow proved very difficult and over time, I realized that I had come to hate the diet aspect of BB'ing. What used to be one of my favorite things in the world had become a chore. I no longer wanted to eat...and I certainly did not want to eat a fucking chicken breast and rice.

    I found relief in GH peptides. Before my first dose of GHRP-2, I can tell you that out of all the supplements and techniques I had used to stimulate my appetite, none of them worked worth a shit. If it were not for GH peptides, I am sure would still be in the same miserable mental space, stuffing food down my throat that I don't want to eat, while lacking any true enjoyment from an activity we are meant to enjoy.

    After my first dose of GHRP-2, I knew I would be using this stuff long-term for appetite stimulation. About 20 minutes after my injection, I was hungry, but unlike normal hunger, which is easily satisfied with a normal meal, I continued to stay hungry for 3-4 hours. Even after filling myself with a large meal, I wanted to eat something else an hour or two later...and some more food an hour or two after that. The good news is that this effect did not diminish over time and even as recently as my last injection, which was about 1 hour ago, I can tell you that it still works as good now as it did the first time I used it.

    GH Peptides or Ghrelin Mimetics?

    Like most others, I previously tended to associate these drugs solely with GH release and therefore, I always referred to them by their adopted name...GH peptides. In reality, GH release is simply a side effect of these compounds. By nature, they are Ghrelin mimetics, which means their primary function is to duplicate the effects of Ghrelin in the body. What is ghrelin? Ghrelin is the hunger hormone produced the P/D1 cells lining the stomach, which is why some GH peptides work so well to stimulate this hunger response.

    Both GHRP-6 and GHRP-2 do a great job at this. Some find GHRP-6 to be slightly more effective, but if you are concerned as much about GH release as much you are about appetite, you may want to consider GHRP-2 instead, as it works equally as well for appetite for many people, while providing superior GH release.

    For anyone else out there who has been struggling with their diet...or if you just aren't enjoying your food as much as you used to, you should strongly consider giving this stuff a shot. The cost to use this stuff is very reasonable, fitting into almost anyone's budget. Standard vials contain 5 mg, enabling most people to get at least 25 doses per vial. That brings the cost of each dose down into the cents range.

    My most recent experience has been with Superior Hardcore Peptides. I have tried both their GHRP-2 and GHRP-6 and both do exactly what they are supposed to. Unlike almost all other peptide companies, Superior Hardcore Peptides uses only American-made peptides and performs 3rd party lab testing on all of their products for both purity & potency. It doesn't get any better than that.
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