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    PCT Trouble

    Not going to post sponsor names, not looking to bash anyone. But I recently completed a cycle of Prop/Tren and started my PCT just about 4 weeks ago. I was planning to cruise at first for a few weeks in order to jump back on after 12 weeks to run a cycle to get ready for a show in Nov but decided not to do that show so instead started HCG the last 2 weeks on cycle and 7 days past last shots. I'm 3.5 weeks into PCT having run Clomid and Aromasin as my PCT as follows:

    Clomid - 100mg w1, 75mg w2, 50mg weeks 3 & 4
    Aromasin - 10mg ED

    Had blood work done after 3 weeks on PCT and test levels were below 40.

    Wondering if its worth finishing my PCT out the remaining few days or simply accept my PCT gear was bunk and jump on a cruise of Test E and get things up and order new PCT gear from a new source and run it after my next cycle?

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    I would honestly just order PCT from another source and try to get your test levels up, that blows man

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