New York public school system drops Michelle Obama's government lunch standards after

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    Post New York public school system drops Michelle Obama's government lunch standards after

    A $3.2 billion public school lunch scheme devised by Michelle Obama has been axed from at least one public school system in New York after students forced to eat according to the new standards were literally starving. According to reports, the Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake...


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    kids would rather eat garbage. no surprise there. kids were healthier when they ate the real food on their plates or went hungry. my son has severe adhd and when he was little he went to school early to have breakfast with this little girl he liked. he was so hyper one day i got called in about ten o'clock. i had assumed the breakfasts would be healthy. i asked what he had eaten that morning and it was 2 poptarts and two chocolate milks. fucking ridiculous. home was oatmeal and natural no sugar added applesauce or blueberry pancakes etc. schools would much rather shovel cheap shit into them.
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