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    We have reviews posted all over the place, and wanted to create a thread for some of our reviews. If you have ordered or tested for us please post your review here. This will make it easy for members to see these reviews all in one place. If you have already posted in our forum please also add your review here.

    We will do our best to get our IM customers and testers to post in this thread.

    Thank you for your support!

    Always the highest quality, and widest selection of USA research peptides and chems on the net. That is the Blue Sky way!

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    Blue Sky Peptide
    products are for laboratory research testing only. Please note that any questions in regards to Human or Animal usage will not be responded to.
    Thank You for being in compliance with our company's policy.

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    I'm running there clen @ 100mg ed.I was taking it during the day and had to switch to before bed because I was to jittery.I'm also running there letro @ .5mg mwf and estrogen seems to be well under control.
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