Please school me on shutdown/spending

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    Please school me on shutdown/spending

    As most of you know I'm one of the more conservative memebers of this board. That being said, every now and then my fellow conservatives embarrass me by making wild, unsubstatiated accusations. Because civics class was soooooo many years ago and I really didn't pay much attention anyway, I need help understanding where some of these seemingly boneheaded spending/shutdown decisions are really being made.

    The accusations are that the Prez is single handedly shutting down functions (No need to make the laundry list of these functions, they've been well documented.) for the sole purpose of inflicting maximum pain on the general public, blaming the Republicans in Congress and thus, attempting to win the hearts and minds of said public. Can he do that? Does one man have that kind of power? And if it's not him, who's making these rediculous decisions?
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    It's not a question of can he do that, he and/or people in his administration and his supporters nationwide are doing it. Closing public memorials and parks, really? That is the same mafia tactics that Daley used in Chicago for years to get things done, and not just the father but the son too... I know I grew up there. This is the Chicago politics playbook on a national scale except in this case the media is doing 90% of the work for O'bama. That is really what the take away is between what is happening now versus what happened most recently during the Clinton administration. Also, Bill didn't go on TV and say I won't negotiate unless you do this THEN I will consider it after I already got what I want. That's a fair trade right, you give in because I am holding the American people hostage and then I'll maybe do a few little things for you. It's truly madness, both parties are just a smoke screen for a far bigger agenda that we will see come to light sooner than later. Watch the financial markets and bond prices, I think that will really tell you about what this is all about and it has little to do with Obamacare.
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