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Fat converts test to estrogen, the battle!

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    Fat converts test to estrogen, the battle!

    An interesting read I thought I'd share. Know your body and how it works. AI's and there importance during fat loss. As I get older life happens and some times you have to take time off and the fat can come on quick. I never really thought about a small dose of adex during prolonged times off, but it could defiantly be affective.

    Being Overweight Turns Your Testosterone into Estrogen

    This is shocking, like a chemical kidnapping.

    First of all, changing testosterone into estrogen is remarkably easy. The chemical change is very small. It takes one step, a single enzyme, and thats it.

    Its like changing the fruit topping on a cake a trivial thing for the body:

    You can barely tell the chemical difference.

    Now, the chemistry may not mean much to you, but the simplicity of this conversion is unsettling.It actually seems like a design flaw to think that the hormone that is the foundation of manhood could so easily lose its character.

    Whats astonishing is that a first-rate prized product of the mans system, of his testes, the testosterone itself, ordered by the brain, should allow itself to be changed beyond factory specifications so easily by an unrespectable operator such as fat cells.

    Truly, this is identity theft and copyright infringement.

    Lets walk through the process. The body lovingly makes all this testosterone for you, this superhormone. And what happens? Your stomach fat turns T into estrogen, the womans hormone. And as stomach fat makes this estrogen, the estrogen tells the fat cells to make more of the converting enzyme. This enzyme, aromatase, gets revved up, and then you get even more estrogen, in a self-reinforcing cycle.

    Whats more, your abdominal fat is a storage depot, stockpiling and releasing estrogen as it likes. Yet the body cant store testosterone, anywhere. T cant even be stored in the testes themselves.

    And, to add insult to injury, the chemical reaction only goes one way. T turns into estrogen, but estrogen cannot be turned back into T. This is remarkable and rare for the human body. Unlike almost all conversion reac-tions in the body, this is an irreversible reaction, a one-way transaction.

    In essence, for a man, having a potbelly is like having ovaries. Thats definitely not what you want. Turning into the enemy.

    Usually, chemical reactions in the body can be reversed:

    Amino acids form to make proteins. Proteins can be broken down into their constituents, amino acids.

    Cholesterol and fatty acids get stored as fat. Fat can be broken down into its constituents, fatty acids and cholesterol.

    Calcium and minerals solidify into bone. Bone can be broken down into calcium and minerals.

    Simple sugars can be stored as glycogen. Glycogen, the storage form of sugar, can be broken down into simple sugars.

    But estrogen cannot be turned back into testosterone.

    And remember, this means testosterone is not just neutralized, burned off, degraded, or eaten up in this reaction. It actually turns into estrogen, the female hormone, that opposes T-effects.

    It is remarkable that such a miniscule chemical change, which can lead to such massive physical and psychological effects, is allowed. More and more, this molecular change will stall, diminish, oppose, reduce, or make the body ignore a mans T-releases. And slowly it will bring forth, step by step, more of the symptoms highlighted in the questionnaires.

    Fat Stores Estrogen

    FAT NOT ONLY makes estrogen, it loads up on it, too, storing it away to be released later.

    Testosterone cannot be stored anywhere, not in fat, not even in the testes. Nowhere.

    Its as if the body thinks T is too powerful, too intense, to be stockpiled anywhere. This is why T is made continuously, and why it responds to current circumstances in real time.

    Estrogen Beats Out Testosterone

    An overweight man is manufacturing, storing, and releasing enemy estrogen. And when both T and estrogen show up somewhere in the body to exert their respective hormonal effect, estrogen dominates. When estrogen and testosterone compete for receptor sites, estrogen wins. In fact, estrogen actually displaces T.

    Their chemical similarity tricks the body.

    Because estrogen and T are so chemically similar, almost identical twins, they often act upon the same tissues. They stay at the same hotel rooms, stop-ping in the same guest spots.

    If they both present themselves for the same room, for the same recep-tor, testosterone foolishly plays the gentleman, and lets estrogen bind to the receptor site. T lets estrogen take the room.

    Testosterone is not allowed to sleep on the couch, or even hang around.

    He is just dispatched without ceremony. By getting the room, occupying the receptor site, estrogen exerts its biological effect.

    In this competition, all over your body, estrogen overwhelms testosterone.

    If a man wants to have female breasts:

    Let yourself get obese, a good 40 pounds or more above your ideal weight is preferred.

    Then drink too much alcohol, as this speeds up the aromatase enzyme that converts T to estrogen. Alcohol will also damage the liver, so that estrogen is not digested and cleared away so well, which is the livers job.

    Slowly but surely, you will actually start getting female-type breasts. You dont just get fat male breasts. The mans breast tis-sues start taking on the density characteristics of womens breasts.

    Whats more, this puts men at added risk for breast cancer, usually a womans problem.

    Doctors call this feminization of male breasts gynecomastia. Thats estrogenization.

    The chemical similarity between T and estrogen tricks the brain too.

    Since the chemical structure of T and estrogen are so similar, even the brain is fooled. The brain doesnt check the molecular ID thoroughly enough, mistakes estrogen for T, and sends signals to the testes to slow down manufacturing any more testosterone.

    Slowly but surely, T-effects diminish over years. This leads to the estrog-enization of men. The changes are subtle, and thats why men may not rec-ognize these shifts on a day-to-day basis. This is happening right now to varying degrees in more than half the men in North America.

    A Major Discovery: Fat Cells Talk Directly to the Testes

    LEPTINS ARE PROTEINS made by fat cells.

    Fat cells make confession through leptins. Fat cells say, Yes, things are getting too fat around here. Leptins, would you please go ask the testes to secrete more T, to help deal with this obesity.

    The leptins then recruit testosterone to help reduce fat. Very unusually, there are leptin receptors in the testes, which were thought to live aloof, in a pure, gated community.

    But when a man is too fat, the leptins cant do their work. Less T is recruited. And the result is increasing food storage, less fat burning, less burning of energy, and less summoning of testos-terone to help with weight loss.

    Excess weight then overwhelms both leptins and testosterone.

    Testosterone Opposes Being Fat

    Doctors in Britain are successfully treating potbellies by giving men syn-thetic testosterone.

    The headlines were, Banish the Beer Belly.

    However, this procedure is something I cannot recommend. This can be accomplished with the bodys own resources, but the British experience makes the point about the direct relationship between obesity and T. In fact:

    Catering specifically to your testosterone helps you to avoid weight gain.

    Catering specifically to your testosterone helps you to lose weight.

    Men on weight loss programs cater to their T-release without even real-izing thats what they are doing. When they control their diet, avoid carbo-hydrates, do muscle-building exercise, or do cardiac workouts, they are unknowingly enhancing their T-status.

    For example, they may feel better after exercise, but theyre not sure why.

    They may have some vague notion that onboard pleasure chemicals, the endorphins, are released after workouts.

    In fact, testosterone acts directly on brain cells, and is part of the chem-ical team that helps set those endorphins off.

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    Great point, and I often include that caveat when someone asks me what dose of AI I run. Im 44 and about 12-14 % so yes my dose is naturally higher than a 25yr old with 8%

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