Bruce Orek's hot holiday card.
If you?re not familiar with the U.S. ambassador to Finland, you?re going to want to be. Meet Bruce Oreck, a guy with a quirky sense of humor and an infectious grasp of holiday spirit. Case in point: Last year he presented a holiday card featuring a Chippendale-like shot of himself in a suit, its left arm torn away to reveal his massively bulging bicep. It caused a lot of chatter, inspiring him to send out this year?s funnier follow-up: a photo of himself in a shirt and tie, surrounded by four shirtless, sweaty men in a Finnish sauna.

?Last year, the lighthearted version of my holiday card received some notoriety because I was photographed flexing the bicep of my naked arm,? the card reads. ?Well, I certainly learned my lesson. Happy holidays!? Fine print at the bottom says the photograph was snapped at the Finnish Sauna Society in Helsinki, in a 230-degree room, and notes that, just like last year?s photo, ?this was not Photoshopped!?

Oreck's 2012 holiday card. Photo: Facebook

The card, posted on Oreck?s Facebook page on Dec. 5, has so far received more than 850 shares, eliciting tittering and thumbs-ups all over social media. ?Finally?someone in this government with a sense of humor!! Way to go,? one Facebook fan writes. Another jokes, ?You?re not wearing any pants, are you?? On Twitter, comments included, ?Well NOW I?m in the holiday spirit,? ?I like his attitude!? and ?Oreck for President!?

Reactions to last year?s muscled-arm holiday card ? which included the text ?A different take on the elder statesman?? were similarly jolly. The photo used by Oreck, a former pro bodybuilder and son of the famous vacuum maker, was an outtake from a shoot he had done for Finnish fitness magazine ?ProBody,? the cover of which he graced last December. ?I say 60 is the new 40. My wife says, in my case, 60 is the new 58,? Oreck, appointed to his post by President Barack Obama in 2009, had said of that shoot in a Facebook post. ?One way or the other, fitness is important.? And so, apparently, is humor.

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