hey guys just wanted to copy and paste some feedback from another board. here ya go:

I took part in Alvgear's international promo awhile back.
Communication & Ordering process

Communication was great. Their site is easy to navigate and order from.
Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

The T/A was great. The product was packaged very discreet and secure. Very professional.
Items ordered

10 5ml Gen-Shi Test E 250 mg/ml
50 Clen

Product effectivenes and experience

I started taking the Test E couple of weeks after receiving it at 600mg a week. This was the first time taking this brand and I have not been disappointed. I have been able to notice good strength, weight gains and increase in libido a long with the normal sides i.e. oily skin etc. I would have to say that it is up to par with the other Test E I have take thus far. I have not taken the Clen so I can't comment on it yet. Gen-Shi is definitely legit and would use it again.
Additional commentary

I would like to thank Alvgear for letting in on this promo.