Just received my exemestane yesterday, fast shipping and easy buying process. So I took my first dose last night for trt, ONLY 6.25mg. Within 20 minutes my throat was hoarse, tight/burning chest, hot flashes and literly fell asleep in seconds I was so groggy. At first I blamed HCP, thought it may have been the suspension they used, it does have a bad taste. Took another dose today and same thing, along with a horrible headache. I decided to look up exemestane side effects on web MD and they basically gave my exact symptoms verbatim. To me that says this stuff is without a doubt legit, and if anything overly dosed(not an accusation). At 6.25 mg I got exact and specific exemestane sides. I guess my body just doesn't react well. I will be purchasing some arimidex from them and giving that a try. For a second I was cursing them because I thought it was their product giving me those sides, turns out its BECAUSE their stuff is legit and I coudn't be happier, except the fact I have 60ml of exemestane I can't use