cycle help? Getting back in shape... well, better shape...

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    cycle help? Getting back in shape... well, better shape...

    I am 33 and I have been on HRT (test) 250mg/wk for several years. I have done several cycles in the past and I'm ready to dive back in. I have been lazy in the gym for the past 2 years, only going a couple of times a week and not puching myself due to nagging injuries and being afraid to get hurt again...

    I'm 185lb at 5'11" an not too flabby (16%bf), but I miss being almost 230 a 8-9% back when I as 23-25. I will train smarter than I used to and plan on eating better this time around. I will up my protein to 375-400g/day while trying to keep my fats fairly low due to my chlosterol issues.

    I planning on running:

    sust 250@ 750mg/ wk 20wks
    tren E @ 250/wk(stuff hits me so hard and fast... ) weeks 1-7
    D-bol 60mg/day weeks 1-7
    EQ 400mg/wk weeks 1-20
    Winny 5mg/day weeks 17-20
    Clen - taper upto200mcg then down weeks 18-20
    tren E@ 250/wk weeks 17-20 to harden up

    HCG weeks 22-24
    clomid trough cycle as needed and weeks 23-25

    I have adex on hand that I may add if I get too much bloat. I hav gone over a gram of test a week before without any estrogen issues before, but who knows...

    Any suggestions? Tips? I also have Decca, but don't like and may only add a low dose if my joints start hurting.

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    Tren dose is to low as far as everyone has ever told me.

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    Cycle looks good only thing I would do is to replace tren with deca/or NPP at the begining week 1-7 and use tren at the end of the cycle.
    Also, optional if you want to dry out a bit at the end may want to switch to test prop.

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