I need to use 100mcg of triptorelin for my hamster and I do not know where to buy the material, the needles, or the bacteriostatic water or how to inject it. I have never injected anything. What size needles do I need? Do I need a syringe for bacteriostatic water? How do I mix it? Where can I go to get real triptorelin? I found several companies online that sell it, could I list them here and get your opinin of them? If someone could tell me where to get the material and all the supplies needed and the exact procedure to inject it I would greatly appreciate it.

Also will I need aromasin, femara, or arimidex to keep estradiol low? If so which one should I use and where should I buy from? Estradiol is at 11.8 LH is .9 and testosterone is 165. Should I run blood tests and use the aromatase inhibitors only if estradiol gets too high?