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My last cycle using napsgear

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    My last cycle using napsgear

    I recently completed my 3rd cycle using all geneza gear from napsgear. I started by pinning 750 mg of test e every week. I kick started the first 4 weeks with the geneza dbol. I ran the cycle 14 weeks. I also tried their tne for the first time. The entire cycle was amazing. I could feel the dbol kicking in during 2nd week. I was doing 40 mg a day all 30 min before workout. I would sweat like crazy and strength really started going up. By the 4th week the test was in full force. I couldn't wait to work out daily and very high libido. The test is so great you feel like your 18 again. The tne probably impressed me the most. I would take it about hr before gym and was totally in the zone. Really kicks in and gives you an amazing amount of strength as well as keeps focus. I ended up gaining 18 pounds during cycle and have held about 12 after pct. I used arimidex during and had no problems with estrogen. Used nolva and clomid for pct for 4 weeks. Can't wait to start back in a few months and I'm going to make a big order with my friends at napsgear!

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    Awesome to hear bro.

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