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Blood-type Diet? Some comments please!

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    Blood-type Diet? Some comments please!

    Hey all...

    My mom is overweight for years and for those years had tried many diets and failed them all. I hate to be mean but I blame her for the failure. She will go on a diet for a week tops, then come home with cookies, cakes, starbucks fraps, you name it. Now she heard of this diet from a friend and she wants to try it. I think it's a bunch of crap, but i could be wrong.

    I'm no expert, but I feel that for her weight, she should do a ketogenic or atkins type diet, then work carbs back in slowly when she gets to her goal.

    Anyone have any comments or heard of this diet? any good?
    thanks. I'm really beginning to get worried about her health and what really annoys me is that If I suggest anything, my parents..and my brothers make fun of me because of what I eat. I get made fun of constantly for eating healthy, while they all eat like disgusting pigs and are all overweight (except for my dad who had a heart attack and cancer this past year and lost all his weight in the hospital) ....sorry i had to vent....

    here is some links for it:


    thanks for any advice

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    y2gt, I can't comment on the diet but I do know where your coming from. Infact it's nearly identical to what I put up with sometimes. Although my mom isn't overweight, she does want to get leaner, I tell her what she needs to do but doesn't think I know what i'm talking about. When I eat what I eat around relatives it seems almost as if their watching everything that I eat then will make dumb comments. I don't comment on the crap they eat so I don't see why they shouldn't do the same. Where anyone gets off making fun of someone for eating healthy is beyond me, but it happens.
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