Cycle Questions -Eq/Test Cyp

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    Cycle Questions -Eq/Test Cyp

    I am going to try and list all possible information hat would be relevant to my questions. I am posting this on multiple forums to get a general idea of responses. Thanks in advance.

    Stats ? 28 years oldHeight: 6?1
    Weight: 205
    Current BF : Between 15-16% (based on caliper measurements)

    Training history:
    Lifting on and off for 6+ years

    Current Training Plan:
    Compound lifts 3x a week ( Split between following work outs dead/Bench/over head/bent over row/squat)
    Jog 2.5 miles and do various sets of push ups/pull ups on off days.

    Currently Eating Below Maintenance to cut (by 700 calories)
    220+ grams of Protein A Day ? All Clean calories
    My plan is to eat Maintenance+ while on cycle

    Cycle History:
    4 years ago did a 1 month cycle of Sust 250 at 500mg a week, I didn?t know much about it at the time, didn?t know about PCT or how to complete a cycle - how long to take it etc. Stopped after 1 month because I ran out. The whole thing was stupid to begin with, and I didn?t know what I was doing. I was even at 25+% BF. However I didn?t have any side effects (thank god). I found no negative sides to it ? increased libido and by 3rd week super increased strength. Other than that no cycle history.

    Proposed Cycle:

    Total of 18 Weeks

    • 12 Weeks on actual Cycle
    • 2 Weeks of letting AAS clear
    • 4 Weeks of PCT

    Weeks 1-12
    400 test cyp split in to two pins 200 each ? 3 days apart

    Weeks 1-11 (this is to allow EQ ester to clear at about same time of Test Cyp Ester)
    400 eq bold split in to two pins 200 each ? 3 days apart

    (will pin test and eq at same time/same pin)

    Week 1-14
    Aromasin 12.5 (liquid form) every day (adjust as needed).

    Week 3-12
    HCG 250iu 2x a week (3 days apart)

    Week 10-18
    Tongkat Ali 1:50 capsule (the real stuff) 1.2 grams a day (3 400mg capsule)

    Week 14-18 (PCT):
    Liquid Clomid 70mg a Day week 1, 50mg a day weeks 2-4
    Liquid Nolva (tomoxofin) 40mg a day week 1, 20mg a day weeks 2-4
    (Will adjust diet in PCT and post PCT to be well above maintenance to hopefully keep as much gains as possible. )
    Will be taking viatimin C and milk thistle throughout cycle.

    Possible Concerns/after thoughts:
    I am in my 4th week of an EC stack. EC does increase blood pressure (although not that much). I havn?t had any issues thus far. I am taking 75mg of ephedrine and 600 mg of cafine a day (split in 3 parts).
    The EC cycle is generally 10 weeks.

    My concern would be ? would the added cycle further increase pressure on my heart to a point where it could be dangerous?

    I have read and heard that EQ can cause more pressure on the heart than other substances ? would it be a concern to run an EC Stack while taking EQ?
    My other proposed Idea is to run test at 300 and eq at 400.
    I am using the EQ because I got it for free from a friend, and I am not really interested in doing multiple cycles, I just want to do this one complete cycle, and that?s basically it. I am not interested in continuing use of AAS.

    I don?t want to use allot of test as I don?t want to have to deal with possible side effects, which are more likely with test than with EQ (from what I understand).

    Even though this is technically my second use of AAS ? this would be my first ?legit? cycle, as I don?t really consider my previous 1 month use of test to be an actual cycle (although more experienced users can correct me).

    Since the last time I used sust 250 I did so at a high BF ? and saw no side effects, should that alleviate my possible concerns about side effects this time around (although I only ran it for 1 month)?

    Even though EQ is a ?mild? AAS ? is it still something to be concerned about to have 800mg of AAS in my system every week (since im a beginner) ?

    Thanks for all of your help guys ? I know this is a very long post.

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    Skimmed alot, but Eq needs to be run 16 weeks at a minium to see results and just shoot the test twice a week.

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    You have done your homework, cycle and PCT looks fine.
    Although you may be disappointed with EQ as 400mg is rather low dose also 11 weeks is rather short for EQ.
    Consider extending cycle to 16-18 weeks or save EQ for later. If its your 1st cycle then, 12 weeks on Testosterone should be sufficient to transform you physique.
    whatever your motive im cool with , i got no flys on me and ill throw my dukes up anywhere, shit i been in flip flops over highside in a shower fighting off attackers, Dannie can roll with the punches, hahaha its all good
    big dawg Dannie

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    As the Predator said 11 weeks of EQ is no where near enough, Im going to even say 16-20 weeks.

    And as Dannie said if this is indeed your first cycle drop all compounds except test

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    Test Cyp and EQ is one of my favorite combos.

    As suggested above, this is a beautiful stack to hop on, get comfortable, take your shoes off and go for a nice long ride.

    This is the type of stack that will have you feeling great and looking better.

    If you stayed on a reasonably dosed stack of Test Cyp and EQ for a period of 6-12 months, you would transform your physique to the extent that you'd be shocked.

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    Agreed with the above.. EQ at least 16 weeks.. and I would run it between 600-800mg per week. Don't think you really need to stop it before the test to let things clear. That logic works with Deca, but don't think it is necessary with EQ.

    I wouldn't run HCG that long. Do a short blast every 4-5 weeks, 500-1000iu eod, for a few weeks and then off. Then blast before PCT at the same dose, starting about 3-4 weeks before the start.

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