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    New promo

    Hey guys we usually make promises to ourselves in the end of each year that we would achieve the goals we weren't able to in the year that has past. We at would like to help you achieve these goals I know you are all familiar with the promo code we run for first time buyers but many of you have used that promo so we decided to make a new coupon code which would last from today 1/13/2014 until friday 1/17/2014 this promotion is also for 30% off but there is no restrictions everyone can use it as many times you want until the end date. On Monday 1/20/2014 we would delete all of the orders that have used this promo code but haven't process the payment. The promo code is : happynewyear30

    for any questions you can talk to Breakbones or sent email at
    Accurately Dosed/Sterile Gear ~ Discreet, Fast Shipping ~ USA Domestic

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    awesome bro, i see HCG is back in stock hell yea

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