touchdown! now I need help from you expiernced juice athletes

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    touchdown! now I need help from you expiernced juice athletes

    OK so let's get this straight I'm not a bodybuilder I'm a boxer at 182 I used to bodybuild and have done a couple of test,treen,tbol cycle!es. I got prop, tbol, letrozole, clen,t3 what dose of test do you think I can get away with without putting on weight actually trying dropping 4lb and be beneficial I read about 60mg EOD... Does anyone have expiernce at that dos??? Or do you think I can do 100eod n still drop weight??

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    You could easily do 100mg EOD and even a lot more. It's all about your diet and controlling water weight. Keep estrogen in check and you will recomp nicely with test prop and turinabol.

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