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    Getting Bloods

    I apologize for making a thread on obtaining bloods. I want to use private md but having some trouble since I'm in a state in which it is prohibited. I have posted in the Cheap bloods stickie to no help and messaged a few members here and received some help but not what I needed to fulfill the process. Thanks to those who have responded though! Very appreciative of the help. For the members in NY NJ MA MD RI, how do you get around paying with your cc payment and zipcode? Doesn't it have to match the billing address? You can PM me if you don't wanna post on here, and i can post the solution up once i get the email from private md. Thanks again, and I have done my research and looked for hours through threads to no detailed answers.


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    No it doesnt have to match. Im actually in a state that doesnt allow it. So I created an account with a CT address but then when I pay my CC has my normal addy. Only hitch might be you need to use a lab in the state of your fake addy. I am on the border so its no biggie.

    Think of it this way, a lot of people own two houses, maybe you are one of them . Also they wont card you at the lab since you are pre pay, but you will have to know your fake addy to fill out on the form.

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