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    Hyges land:)

    Recieved my 2nd 100 iu boxof Brown top hygetropin.com.cn with the new serial number and sticker checked out goodI did take a pic of the email were they checked out just still can't post pics..I have been in the brown tops for about three weeks now and loving life..I have been doing my research and have some insulin 300iu ready pins to start soon as I get all my shit straight to start can't wait this is gonna be a hell if a run..
    I also recieved osl hyge to have tested will send out to him and will be waiting to see results I guarantee them to be some good numbers as I have done a lot of hgh and this seems to be doing what I like,hands have swollen to wear I might have to get my ring cut off,fingers are numb and sleep is the best...thank you legend for the fourth or fifth successful pack in less time than domestic which is so insane to me..If I could post dates here you will be like no damn way you recieved that from international site that Damb fast,unless you have made an order and everything went smooth which every order i have made has except the one around Christmas came In ten days or less..

    communication from Anton -100 percent
    t/a best I have ever seen international
    If you want some Hyges at a hell of a price order up you won't be disapointed I promise

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    Great brother in the morning i will post mines too !!!!

    LEGEND Pharmaceuticals REP
    For any info or any support you need feel free to pm me!

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