New to this site and finding more useful info than on the others. I am 44, 5'10",185, 16-18% and in 2009 prescribed 200mg Test C & 1 mg/day anastrozole for TRT. After starting saw that the anastrozole was way too high & reduced to .5mg 2x/wk. I found that I can take 100mg of test and 2 days later do blood work and be around 700 (cruizing)which is where my doc wants me. This will be my 2rd cycle in the past 4 years and need some suggestions. My first were 1-10wk 400mg/wk Test C & 1mg 2x/wk anastrozole and second was the same but added 1-8wk 200mg/wk Deca Durabolin. I used G-Star gear and was happy with my gains & definitely kept some. It has been 2 years since my last one and am planning to do my 3rd blast. I was planning 500mg/wk of test C and want suggestions of what ulg available gear to stack with it? Deca & Dbol? I want to gail a little more size but I have receding hair and concerned about loss. Dbol and anastrozole, is that OK? Thanks