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Sergeant Bulk Goes to Prom

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    Sergeant Bulk Goes to Prom

    Sergeant Bulk Goes to Prom

    As you may already know, I was discharged from the Marine Corps a couple of months ago. After 3 tours in Afghanistan, over 200 confirmed kills, and multiple gun shots to the head (one in which is still lodged inside my skull), the Corps said I was no longer fit for duty. You see, the bullet inside my head causes me to go into full blown alpha male rages. They are triggered by AFC's and beta ectomorphs who like to do bicep curls in the squat rack.

    After my discharge from the Corps, Sergeant Bulk decided to take some time off and concentrate on bodybuilding and getting jacked with my little brother at the gym before I went back to school. I'm going back to school to get my ph.d. I felt like my Masters degree in Alphanomics just wasn't good enough for me.

    My brother is an 18 year old high school senior who weighs 245 lbs, 6'5 ft tall, with an impressive body fat percentage of 5%. Prom was coming up and he needed to be in top shape so he can score with as many HB10's as he can.

    There have been a number of gang related incidents at his school lately and they wanted extra security at the prom to keep the kids safe. The principal knew I had just returned from Afghanistan so he reluctantly asked me to chaperone the prom.

    The principal, Mr. Schwartz, doesn't like me too much ever since I banged his wife with my 9 inch cock when I was home on leave a few years ago. It was during half time at my brothers football game. She saw me sitting a few rows in front of her and she was mirin my flaring lats and my strong jaw. Shy and a little nervous she said to me,

    "Hi. Umm, I saw you and I couldn't help but notice you have really big muscles. You're Sergeant Bulk right? Anyways, I just wanted to come over and introduce myself. It's not every day I run into a big strong alpha male such as yourself."

    I replied, "That's nice sugar tits. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a game to watch. Now get the fuck out of my face."

    "I'll make it worth your while," she said with a look on her face that screamed "fuck me like my husband never could."

    I don't like a bish that doesn't listen and I felt an alpha rage boiling up inside me. I saw halftime was about to start and I had nothing better else to do, so I took her into the short bus that was parked in the parking lot and fucked her like she's never been fucked before. After I was done, I spelled my initials across her tits with my man chowder.

    After we finished, we saw her husband, Mr. Schwartz, had been sitting in the bus the whole time and he was crying hysterically about what he had just seen. He was sitting in the bus because he needed a place to sit and reflect about why he can't satisfy his wife the way she needs him to. Hopefully he learned
    a few tips from watching us.

    Fast forward to prom night..the night was young and I was ready to bust some skulls if I needed to. The bullet inside my head was throbbing and and I was surrounded by a room full of manlets and AFC's who don't even lift. A full blown alpha rage was stirring up. My testosterone levels were through the roof and it's been months since I've killed me a man. There are only two ways for me to get rid of an alpha rage, either knock someone out with my 20 inch biceps or plant my seed in a HB10.

    In front of me was a sexy little blonde with a nice round ass and Double D tits twerking on her beta male boyfriend; a wrestler who thinks he's hard because he weighs 210 with 25% body fat. This cocky little shit looked up at me and asked me to hold his drink for him. That was it, I reached my breaking point and it was time for this kid to pay. Letting out a huge alpha roar, the whole student body stopped and stared as I ripped the sleeves off my tuxedo and proceeded towards the kid who was about to meet his maker. I grabbed him by the throat, raised him 5 feet off the ground and threw him 50 yards across the room.

    "What the hell do you think you're doing Sergeant Bulk?" Screamed Mr. Schwartz and his butch looking Assistant Principal.

    I replied "when you mess with the bull, you get the horns."

    "I want you out of here! I thought you might actually keep the kids safe but I was wrong!" Cried Mr. Schwartz.

    It was fine. I was ready to bail anyway. The only reason I agreed to chaperone was in case my little bro needed my help burying the body of any boyfriend that tried to stop him from stealing his girl.

    I ripped off my tuxedo and stripped down to nothing except my bikini bottom I wear during bodybuilding competitions and I exited the building. The blonde who's boyfriend I established my alpha dominance against, followed me out to my car.

    "The fuck do you want?", I grunted to her.

    "Well, um, tonight was supposed to be the night I lost my virginity. Now that my boyfriend is going to be on life support for the rest of his life, I was hoping you would deflower me."

    The night had been a complete waste so I decided I would at least get something out of it. I took her back to my place to fuck her til she passed out. When we got to my place I was in for a surprise. There was my brother on my couch and he had Mrs. Schwartz bent over while he was nailing her like the dirty little slut that she is.

    Normally I would be pissed about my brother bringing a bish back to my place and getting cum stains on my couch, but this was too legendary to be mad about. We banged our chicks and then we watched them bang each other. We topped the night off by making a toast over a couple bottles of whey protein shakes.

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    Beta ectomorphs!!! Lmao!!

    IronMag Labs Discount Code for 15% more negs "Captn15"

    TheCaptn' is not a registered proctologist. His post are for his amusement only. Please seek proper medical advice if symptoms persist.

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