Hey before I'm off to work, I figured I'd ask a question;
I'm already pinning my ace, & sust ED, so would it have some sort of synthol effect if I pinned my biceps, or triceps for instance?
I have pinned tri's many, many times; & I could see the difference (inflammation plays a role I'd assume)
right after; would it be pointless to do this when blasting with short esters? I was interested at the thought of experimenting with synthol, until I saw the retarded price...;

I want to try this ED site-specific application regimen, but I don't want to jump the gun, & damage my favorite body parts;

p.s. last order was freaking amazing, couple free goodies tossed in, orals, & a few jugs my jaw dropped when I saw everything! So all in all, thanks M, really appreciate it!