So no one misses this,

I wanted to stop by and say thank you for all the well wishes, they mean a lot. I have decided after the last couple of days of speaking with my wife, thought and prayer and most importantly being able to spend time with my daughter as opposed to be on the boards, to make my departure from Olympus permanent.

Effective immediately, I am no longer serving as a Board Rep for Olympus. It has been a fun ride, a roller coaster but fun none the less. I want to thank Olympus, Ez and DM, all the VIPs and you, the customers for the last year and a half. I have made many friends here on the boards and now that I can spend more time here enjoying myself as opposed to having to take care of business, I hope I can meet many more.

I will be available to Ez and DM to assist with any previous orders that may have issues, but please do not contact me directly until you have gone through them first.

Again, thank you and I will see you on the boards.