Cyanostane Rx: Weeks 1-4 / 2 caps a day
1 andro: Weeks 1-4 / 2 caps a day
Anabolic Matrix: Weeks 1-8
Raloxifene: Weeks 1-8 / 60 mg a day
E control: Weeks 1-4 / 3 caps a day
Advanced Cycle Support: Weeks 1-8
Aromasin: Weeks 5-8
Osta Rx: Weeks 4-7 / 2 caps a day (12-13mg)

I'm very gyno prone, that is why I'm making sure I won't have any estro problems. I'm interested in what people think about using osta in weeks 4-7, and having a week of pct without it. My goals are to gain muscle weight and maintain athletic performance in my sport. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated! I have realistic expectations for this cycle.