Out of respect I don't want to go into exact details, but I just wanted to let everyone know that OSL and his family are going through a major hardship right now.
It breaks my heart to see a great friend and even greater person having to go through what he currently is; thoughts, prayers, and anything positive headed his way would be greatly appreciated right now.
I know he considers us family, and he needs us more than ever right now while he is dealing with a very serious situation at home.
He loves us and this community, and it would help and be wonderful if we can show him some love back when he needs it the most.
.....even with everything going on the knucklehead still wanted me to mention that all PM's and emails will be delayed, but all current clients and people he is helping will be taken care of. Just another showing of how much he cares about us.

From his family online, let's show the big guy some real support so he can see that we care about his other family also. Love ya brother.

Thanks everyone.