Hi gentlemen (and ladies).

I'm new to this entire experience so bear with me.

First, some info on me:
23 y/o
training for 5 years
currently 5'9" 172 lbs and have cut down to close to 8% BF (maybe 9) from 22% at 206lbs
Planning first cycle:
500mg T-e @ 250mg every 3.5 days for 12 weeks
Anastrozole @ .25mg EOD up to .5mg EOD in emergency prevention
hCG @ 250 IU every 3.5 days starting day 2 - right before PCT
NAC @ 600+ mg ED (bundled with Milk Thistle and other Liver support goodies).
Vitamin C ED
Diet (obviously) ~ 3200 kcal/day when I start.

14 days after last T-e dose
Clomiphene @ 75/50/50/50 (using 50 mg tabs)
Tamoxiphen@ 40/20/20/20 (using 20 mg tabs)

Bloodwork before, 8 weeks in and 2 weeks after PCT

My training is spot on, and although I still see gains training naturally, I'm going off to grad school in the fall and want to take a last final swing at my potential before the uncertainty of training on school schedules comes over me. I will of course keep training in school as well.

My issue is as follows:

I just ended a 21 week cut from around 23% BF to sub 10% and was planning a 4/5 week reverse diet starting Feb to get the metabolism back up. However, I have plastic surgery planned in Mid March to open an old scar across my pec and allow me to expand it (limiting ROM as of lately, and very unaesthetic), as well as potentially graft on the nipple I've been missing since the fire that caused the scar as a toddler (c'est la'vie).

That means I either cycle on ASAP or wait until around 2/3 weeks POST OP to start cycle. That gives me 22 weeks until PCT is over; and not much time before I start school for anything else (read: vacation, seeing as how you can't have a typical summer break on PCT or with the toxic gear). Will it make a difference beginning a cycle after a 2 week break from lifting? I'll be doing low rep/ high weight up through the surgery to build up my skeletal and muscular support system (ligaments and tendons) and because they give me the greatest benefit over all plans I've tried in the last few years.

Any advice is appreciated.