Long time Z fan here....many MANY yrs before the resend campaign and several td's since. But, never looked into hgh. I should probably do a better search but I couldn't find a thread on breaking down the 600iu hgh. Also how many iu's per vial. I suppose I'll know that within a week or so tho. Planning on 3iu's daily with mon - wed on, thurs off, fri-sat on, sun off....for the first 1-2 months before bumping to 4 or 5iu's same schedule. Alongside tprop. Was looking for clarity and direction re: reconstruction and what 3iu's looks like in a slin....ie...for a 100 iu vial it's 30 on a slin. Any and ALL help and suggestions are great. I'm not new to aas. 6'2 200lb about 11% bf.