ive eaten 1kg of chicken a day + usually some junk food or maybe something healthy in the house what ever was there... id eat the 1kg of chicken at work during a 10 hour shift...

but we all know there is no calories in chicken and my weight is stayed they same iv made some improvments in my phsique but mainly conditioning due to the fact iv never stopped training.

my problem is well was i only ever prepped meals for work... thinking oh yeah il cook up something nice and fresh when i get in! but after a 10 hour shift and a hour or 2 in the gym all i wanna do is eat quickly not fuck about cooking stuff!

so yeah bit of common sense has kicked in whilse im prepping for work il just add another kg of meat into the equasion simple!

so now im going to be eating 2kg of meat a day mainly red meat il switch it up between chicken and redmeat also need to see how my stomach handles it but i has no option really im eating it i need to grow and we all know u can take all the drugs train every day but if ur body hasnt got the food there it aint gonna grow...

so post em up guys how much meat you eating a day?

p.s yeah this is going to hurt my wallet big time but its not about that its about seeing the end result

time to get hugh haha also il be starting my cycle soon perfect timing ey!