I gotta say, the dbol is probably the most potent thing I've had from the pound;
long story short, I used em at the end of an aggressive blast when my receptors were damn near deep fried, & I gained 17 more Ibs in a matter of weeks; I stayed on it a little longer, & guess what, once I shaved down the fat, & water, I still kept ten pounds, while very lean; I ran 150 ED, & my liver values barely twitched (no I don't use liver support, I drink 100% cranberry juice all day, every day, & it works.)

The only oral I've had that raised my liver values dangerously high, was Primordial Performance Superdrone (superdrol); people really exaggerate the toxicity of some orals.

Amazing stuff, highly recommended to people who need to bulk; great appetite stimulation too.