Just got my product in and looking to try it out. Took my first 20mg this morning and holy shit i was not expecting the alcohol taste. I dont drink at all so it was a lil crazy for me at first. I havent had liqueur in years. So let the fun begin.

Currently this big fat rat is 5'8'' 204.4lbs as of this morning aprox 7-8 bf.

current cycle is..

400 test
100 tne pre workout
1,000 tren
800 mast
60 tbol
100mcg IGF
8iu hgh
40mcg clen
1mg propecia
12.5mg aromasin

going to add more tren in 4 weeks adding parabolan to the mix 50mg eod
also swapping to var in 4 week
and in 8 weeks swapping to halo and var, no test but tne twice a day, and 2.5mg of letro

If this stuff works as good as i have read I will be running another bottle past the 30 days to finish my contest prep.

diet currently is

half cup of egg white, cup of oats, 1 scoop whey, peanutbutter

2 scoops whey,2 slices of bread, and fruit banana, orange, or apply

6oz chicken, yams, brown rice, or bread, and veggies

2 scoops whey and 50mg carbs

2 scoops whey and oats

steak of salmon with huge salad with veggies

whey with avocado oil.

training is one muscle a day other then chest and tris

mon on
tues on
weds off
thurs on
fri on
sat on
sun mountain biking.

I dont have set day of which muscle i train. The gym is packed as fuck right now so i kind of gauge what is recovered and what i will be able to train efficiently with all they people with new years resolutions.