Firstly, I'm not a sponsor nor am I her to bash any sponsor. If they would like to chime in and ask questions at any point, they are welcome to. If they would like to throw me some goods for the review I'm cool with that too....LOL

OK the are two things that I'm not concerned about the low potassium and alkaline. More than likely is related to not eating anything before lunch as requested by the lab.

My questions are:

A)Should my serum test be higher than the 1030ng/dl ? I've currently been taking 375mg twice weekly of this brand for almost 8 weeks. It seems on previous labs I've seen that at that dose my test levels should be a decent amount higher.uploadfromtaptalk1390596151285.jpg

B) should I be concerned about the low FSH and LH while on cycle or should that only be a concern when I'm in pct? If I should what can I do to fix this ?Further more I'm waiting to take my hcg until end of cycle. Should I rethink this?

C) I know that this chart shows my levels of estradiol smack dab in the middle but should I work on getting that on the low side of normal not just average?

Thanks for your help. Sorry if I missed any required info please let me know and I will comply.

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