Elite Peptides was gracious enough to send me 3 bottles of GHRP-2 and 4 bottles of cjc1295 no Dac. I intend to give them the best, most accurate, and detailed log I can give. I am waiting on the Bacteriostatic Water and slin pins I ordered from a different site. I expect they will be here in about a week. In the meantime, I am going to start logging my workouts to provide a baseline.

Things to note:
I am training around some injuries at the moment. I had some elbow problems that have almost healed. I have recent shoulder problems that feels like nerve damage which is also healing, but at a slow rate.
I am fat right now. Not even big, just fat. I have a shitty flip phone that will not be able to take a decent picture. Tomorrow, I plan to go to a pawn shop and buy a cheap used 10MP camera to take starting photos with.

Current training:
I have been doing a push/pull/legs routine that switches between high reps and low reps each weak. Every couple of months, I throw in a shock week just to fuck with my body. I usually do this when training gets stale.

I will be logging my diet as best I can. I have been eating clean, but just too much. I have been knocking down a ton of eggs and oatmeal. I probably take in way too much fat, because I sautee my veggies in olive oil. twice a day, that adds up, so I need to switch to pam.

Last Friday, I started hitting myself with 100mg tren, 100mg deca, and 100mg test per week. I know this is not the optimal stack, but I didn't have very much money, and uncleZ was offering really good deals on those compounds. My strength level has already skyrocketed. My benchpress jumped about 15lbs in one week. It had been stagnated for a few weeks prior. Squats and shrugs also made huge gains.

So, here goes. God fucking help me that nothing else breaks down during this next few months, because I am going to be banging out as hard as I can.