Hey everyone I am new to this site and spent the last couple hours reading over some posts trying to find some information however, most of what I have found has been fairly old.

So here is my situation, about a year ago I started lifting frequently, before I was in the military and stayed fit but now I want to put on a little more mass. I am 32yo 5'11" and about 187. I am not trying to get super big, I just want to put on some more muscle. Like i said I have been working out frequently over the last year along with a very lean high protein diet. I have also been taking supplements such as creatine, proteins, amino acids... however, I really haven't see that big of a change.
So what I am asking is what would be suggested for me to reach my goal? I am not turned off to the idea of a steroid but I want something that I can do a short cycle and see a decent result from. (I am not asking for the miracle pill) just something that will help me a bit. With that said I have started doing some research on D-Bol. Is this something that would be good for someone like me? and what other things should I take with this?

I have read some of these forums and seen a bunch of people giving guys shit and telling them to do their research.. That is what I am doing here. I am trying to ask people who obviously know more than I do about this to help me reach a decision. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.