I was recently working out of town and a series of events led me to have a pretty serious gyno outbreak without anything to take to counteract it. The cycle I was running was 750mg/wk test c and 300mg/wk tren. I usually don't take any AIs unless some side effects present themselves. I went about three weeks from the start of it until I got my hands on some letro and my gyno had gotten pretty bad about 2 to 3 inches in circumference and a was elevated about a half inch off my chest. I immediately started dosing 1ml of extremepeptide letro ED and within the first week it had shrank considerably, end of second week almost gone, I'm now concluding the third week and its non-existent. This isn't my first time going through something like this, I never let it get this bad before but I knew what I was getting into. I think I just touched that threshold where I would need surgery if let it go any further but I'm writing this to let you boys know there is hope. just grab that letro dose accordingly and make sure you have some aromasin to take for the estro-rebound when you stop taking it.