Ok so I have been lucky enough to get a free bottle of Ostarine from Sarms1. So I will be logging this for the next 30+ days.

I will be running 750mg Sust/ week and 25mg Ostarine daily. I have absolutely no experience with sarms at all, so needless to say I am excited to try this. My goal is to put on some more well a lot more muscle this year and so I am not concerned with low BF at this point. I have a VERY high metabolism so I will be eating dirty for sure. I've been having a nagging back pain right behind my right shoulder blade. The Chiropractor says its a rib that is out of position... The fun part is that at night my right arm goes numb and wakes me up several times every night like 6-10 so my sleep is not what it should be and I am feeling run down because of it. I was about to run a Deca cycle to take care of the issue but then this fell in my lap so lets see what Ostarine can do.

Stats 34 6'0 178lbs as of this am. I am not sure of BF but will report back on this once I measure it. I have not worked out consistently for about 3mos but now the holidays are over and my life is settling down a bit so it's time to get back at it. I just joined a planet fitness which is brand new and I am looking forward to trying it out. It is much larger than my old Gym so I am excited about not tripping over everyone as I walk from one area to another. It kinda sucks that they don't have anything but DB's up to 75lbs but they do have a nice cable station and 3 smith machines. So I don't see where I am giving up too much, I can bench at home anyway.