Lulu Response App "Chicklopedia" released. How long until it's taken down?

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    Cool Lulu Response App "Chicklopedia" released. How long until it's taken down?

    Hey , long time lurker here. Seen a few threads with people moaning about Lulu App so I thought I?d sign up to bring good news. If you?re not aware, Lulu is a girls-only App that girls to anonymously review mens abilities in bed, comment on their worst features, etc - then share these with all their female friends.

    Some guys over at Misc Bodybuilding Forum created a male version of Lulu called Chicklopedia. I?ve been waiting for this for SO long. I just downloaded it and it?s awesome.

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    I bet?s it?s gonna get the feminists riled up and have 10x the reaction than Lulu ever did.

    Personally I think these apps are an unacceptable breach of privacy. But if there?s a female app we definitely need equality.

    Others argue that Chicklopedia is significantly worse than Lulu and are pushing for only the Chicklopedia to be banned. They claim that it encourages harassment/violence towards women whereas Lulu is the technological embodiment of ?natural female gossiping?. But I think that?s straight up BS.

    What do you think?

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    I'm married. I don't give a rat's fat ass what women think of my abilities, or the lack of them, in bed.
    Some mornings, it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps. - Emo Phillips

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    Are these said women going to be nude or in sexy lingerie? As Zaphod said, I'm also married and don't care about ratings, but seeing other women nude is a different story!

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