Ok, I'm 5 weeks into my first cycle of Test E 500mg per week.

Obvious gay jokes aside, it was surprisingly difficult to stab myself in the ass. It was even more difficult after the 2nd pin when I was in a hurry and didn't aspirate, and a fun cascade of blood came out of my booty. I think I just went all the way through a vein because I monitored my bp, hr, breathing, etc and it was just slightly elevated, which I attributed to having a slight "oh shit, don't die" panic attack.

Everything otherwise is going well...added a few lbs pretty quickly with noticeable bf drop already and I haven't really been working out much. Yeah, sounds wasteful, but I'm systematic and analytical, so I wanted to see what would happen to the "average" guy.

The only side effect is the one I was most afraid of... My. Balls. Shrank. I knew it would happen, but my abnormally large nuts, albeit annoying at times, have become normal sized. Time for Hcg!