Good afternoon my fellow AMA bros,
I have a contest coming up in 10 weeks and am looking for some insight on my chemical needs...
I am currently running-
300mg EQ/wk
250mg Deca/wk
400mg Test C/wk
250mg Mast E/wk
3IU Elitropin (HGH)/day

I also run 12.5mg Aromasin/day as I am extremely gyno prone. I am currently running letro for that reason.

So, as I am coming into contest season I am just asking for your "advice". I am not saying I am going to follow anyone in particular as I know my body fairly well, but I also trust that some of you will have some feedback for me. I compete in MPD. Currently 5'10' and 197lbs this morning. My contest weight should be around 185 this year as I was around 178 last season. I am already Nationally Qualified, but I am doing another local show with hopes of winning an overall before stepping on the National stage in June. I have never messed with Clen and am thinking about running it during this cut. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance!!
Let me know your thoughts.