I must say I appreciate the opportunity to try this peptide combination. I have been curious for awhile and now I'm a believer. My rat has been using synthetic exogenous hgh for approximately six months now and I have been curious about administering these new peptides that secrete endogenous hgh. I've been curious about the consistency of affects between natural and synthetic hgh and if these peps would be useful for reengaging my rats natural hgh production due to the negative feedback loop caused by using synthetic hgh for so long. I will try to give some incite into what I've learned so far.

My rat is 40 years old so natural hgh secretion has diminished slightly since he was younger. He has responded well to quality synthetic hgh. Hair has become fuller over time and the ability to remain lean has been noticeable on synthetic hgh. 4 - 6ius ED has been the typical protocol over the last 6 months.

I decided to start my rat on 100mcg of CJC-1295 no DAC and 250mcg of GHRP-6 3 times per day. Once inst ning upon waking, one immediately after workout and once before bedtime. No good was given an hour on either side of pin except for protein post workout.

My rat began this protocol on Friday and within days had dramatic change in skin softness/suppleness. Also the crows feet have finished moderately. This speaks volumes to me about the effectiveness of these two peptides causing a natural hgh release. The vascularity of the rat can be freaky at times after meals.

Today I tried an experiment, my rat normally does semi fasted cardio at 5 am, but due to weather he waited until 11:30am. Last meal was at 9:30am before cardio. At 5am first infection was given to rat, immediately after cardio next injection was given and a third after evening workout. My experiment was to inject synthetic hgh 30 minutes after the mid morning cardio session peptide injection. By waiting 30 minutes after peptide injection, allowed the peptides to secrete the natural hgh without blunting. I injected my rat with 2ius of Riptropins and i must say any veteran that had ran 10ius of good hgh for a serum test can relate to the rats side effects. My rest became bloated with elevated blood pressure and numbing of the extremities. This was a powerful synergism adding the synthetic hgh to the end of the natural peptide pulse. 2ius was way too much and I didn't administer any synthetic after the post workout pin this afternoon. May try 1iu before bed tonight to see if rat respond well and will definitely administer 1iu in the morning.

These peptides are amazing for those looking for an hgh boost and due to the effects noticed in my rats skin I would say they are a good quality hgh boost. To add these peptides into your rats yearly synthetic hgh protocol has to be good just to keep your rats natural hgh production in good working order. But for those looking to blast your rats body to turbo charge your hgh, running the peptides with the synthetic hgh 30 minutes after peptide injection is worth your research.

I will keep this log running and will record all relevant information collected from my rat.

Anyone wishing to discuss the dual use of the peptides and synthetic hgh, please feel free to comment.

Thank you again Maximpeps and Z82!