Hey all, long time member on other forums, new here. First post in fact... For privacy and security reasons I rarely post.

But I felt obliged as BR is one of the best "reps" I've worked with, and his toys are G2G according to my labs which I'll post shortly.

Long story short, Comms and T/A outstanding; when I thought there may have been an issue (which turned out to be my mistake), and respectfully let him know, he remained cool and even offered to take care of the issue if there truly was one. Again, we learned it was my mistake but it gives me peace of mind knowing if there ever was an issue he'll do right.

Anyways, I was so impressed I owed him a post. Here it is: Serum tested at 29.6 3hrs post IM in delt, 10iu. IGF1 was mid 450's (range upper limit was 270's for this lab) after 2 weeks of 4iu ed. Again I'll put the serum test up later.