Current cycle:

500mg test-prop e/w. I plan on doing this for 12 weeks (currently on week 4)

The problem, however, is that Im thinking about going on a 2 week vacation to the Phillipines with a couple of friends of mine.

I see some scenarios:

1) Get a bottle of test-enan, and pin me with a big dose before I leave the country.. but even with test-enan, 14 days is a long time

2) Bring with me enough test-prop so that I can pin myself down there --- This however, is probably a VERY bad idea, because It probably ain't worth the risk - bringing an illegal substance into another country (Not to mention that I have to go from my country, to Amsterdam, then to the Phillipines).

3) Bring some orals with me.. and use them for 14 days, until I get home, and start pinning test-prop again

4) Take a "chance", and buy some test-prop down there. But I would never take that road, unless I was CERTAIN on the source / wherever I would buy it from...

Basically, I think all 4 alternatives suck balls. But I don't want to stay there for 14 days and be "moody" (because of no test in my body) either.

Any suggestions ?