A PL Rant

Powerlifting, strength sports. Most people?s attitude is who cares, what?s it matter as long as you look good? Well that mentality depends on what you lift for and what your goals are. Are you lifting because you love to fucking lift, or are you lifting because you want to look good? Ask yourself this? who says you can?t have a little bit of both?

Powerlifting is a personal trial, a struggle month after month to test your limits, to push yourself, to break personal records, and to be stronger than you were yesterday. There is no ?dieting? or ?quitting? and bouncing back after a 12 week cut to ?look good? again. There is slow, agonizing and gradual progress towards being the absolute best that you can be.

Something similar can be said for Bodybuilding. A struggle to mold and create the absolute best physique you are capable of. Discipline your life, having a strict regime in diet and workouts for the purpose of achieving maximal definition. I am taking nothing away from the dedication, hard work, and mental fortitude of body builders.
This ties back into what I originally said, what is your lifting mentality?

My mentality is I enjoy the struggle of overcoming my weaknesses, battling the weights, and struggling to lift more than I previous did. I love the reward of beating a personal record, of accomplishing a heavier weight and conquering what used to conquer me. I am in a constant battle against the weights?

My message is this: Bodybuilding is not the be all and end all of the gym. Take a look at yourself? your goals, your ambitions, and see what is the best fit for you.

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