IronMagLabs Super DMZ RX 3.0~Loggers needed again!

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    IronMagLabs Super DMZ RX 3.0~Loggers needed again!

    I need 5 loggers with a decent post count/rep that reside in the USA.

    Detailed logs must start no later than February 15th 2014.

    Preferably you must run this product alone.

    Please post in this thread why I should choose you for a FREE bottle of Super DMZ RX 3.0?


    IronMagLabs Super DMZ RX 3.0!

    Super DMZ RX 3.0 contains a synergistic and potent blend of 10 mg Methystenbolone, 10 mg Dimethazine and 10 mg Alpha-1.

    IronMagLabs Super DMZ RX 3.0
    is a powerhouse designer blend unlike any other that will illicit the most amazing and rapid gains in lean body mass, strength and sheer power.

    This product was designed for ultimate versatility.

    It's super strong but you can cut, recomp or bulk on it. Nutrition will largely drive the goal but SDMZ RX 3.0 will facilitate reaching that goal quicker than nutrition and training alone.

    We also designed this product for both advanced and newer users of designers. Advanced users may use 2 caps daily in divided doses and get an amazing blend equaling 60 mg of strong anabolics. New users may take 1 cap daily resulting in 30 mg of strong anabolics daily. No matter your experience level with designers, SDMZ RX 3.0 may be utilized by adjusting daily capsule consumption. Proper hydration and Advanced Cycle Support is recommended.
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