Got done with my winter bulker at the end of December. Been cruising for a few weeks, and plan to start my next blast here in a few more weeks. Current stats are 5'9, 270.

Goal for the blast would be a lean bulker. Maybe cut up a bit at the end. 20 weeker, take a look and let me know how you feel about it.

1-20 Test C: 600mg/week
1-20 Primo: 900mg/week
1-20 Tren Hex: 450mg/week
1-4 D-Bol: 40mg/day
1-20+ HGH: 6iu/day
1-20 GHRP-6: 200mcg 3x/day
1-20 CJC-1295: 200mcg 3x/day

Pin on Mon, Wed, and Friday. 1cc Test, 3cc Primo, and 2cc Tren each time.

I also run 100mg a Deca a week for joints and such. Thinking about adding EQ in there, 800mg per week.

Aromasin and Prami the entire time. Other cycle and liver supports are in place. After cycle, will go back to cruise. If I left something out, let me know.

Thanks fellas!