Uncle Z sponsored blast
The gear is Zs euro Pharm. line. Here's the cycle Iv planned out..

1-10 (750mg test E)
2-3 (100mg NPP)
4-10 ( 200-mg NPP)
Dbol 20-40 mg pre workout.
1-12 12.5mg aromasin ED
Prima on hand
PCT: cruise

Age: 25
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 209
Bf: 15?
First cycle Test E
Second cycle Test P & tren A

Goal: lower body fat and add LBM
I am currently on a carb cycle diet.

This will b an Unbiased opinion of Z's euro pharm gear. This is my first run with them. Shipping was normal. Packaging was very Discrete and some of the best iv seen. Stay tuned for many updates on gear, training, diet, and pic