Ok, So it may seem that Im not active at times, but I'm always here,reading,scanning, sharing or learning...The woman has always hated the forums since long as I can remember...I never truly allowed it to come between my relationship with my wife or my position in my family as being a father..We agreed to have set times when I must work,either in the office, or at times when at home..But,I still see the frustration in her face,and hear her tone change when I advise her that I have some things to do (hint hint, here or there)..
Does your significant other get frustrated from your time on the panels? has it even got blown out of proportion on their end in regards to your official time really being active?

I have noticed some members/vets/mods have their partner being just as active in the community and lifestyle as they are,must be nice..hehe

for the most part..Women,they just don't understand!