I've used 3 vials of GHRP-6 which had very profound effects. It felt great while I was on. I felt younger, bigger pumps, incredible stamina (no rest between heavy sets), rediculous appetite.. but the combination of eating a lot and the fact that GH raises blood sugar ended up giving me pretty bad insulin resistance which I have since reversed. I also attribute it to some vitamin and mineral deficiencies.-- I know that IGF is made from GH in the liver but -- From what i'm reading IGF seems almost like the opposite because it increase insulin sensitivity, and makes more muscle cells .. but won't necessarily effect bone? I dont like the bone growth I got from GHRP. my arms are longer, jaw is longer, etc. I have gone from well built to skinny. My hips grew and I look like an adolescent again. I read that IGF is responsible for puberty and the growth spurt and can even assist in PCT. I also read it is good for the heart. I'm hoping it can put some much needed weight on me and help my adolescent like body mature. I've read and im hoping for a more masculine look.. Ive read great things abhout it it but things arent always like what you read, and people don't really warn you about ALL the possible side-effects from these things. From what I read you only have to worry about going Hypo, and that high doses means the extra will be binding to your intestines. I have some IGF LR3 sitting in my freezer right now. I havent reconstituted it yet.. But I would really like to use it pre-workout for the incredible pumps.. however, i know heavy lifting upregulates IGF recepters in muscle so a lot of people use it post workout. My plan was to bring it in the car and pin literally right before I walk into the gym, and then by the time it's circulating I should already be doing some heavy lifting. --- Sorry my enter key doesnt work on this site for some reason. So now that i've told you a little about me, could some of you tell me in detail the effects you got from IGF, and how you would reccomend using it. I havent really gotten to the planning stage yet but it looks like 50mcg is the right dose and probably once a day at most because it initiates a cellular response that takes 72 hours and uses a lot of energy, thence the tired feeling people get. - LET ME KNOW, EXPERTS!!! Thank you!!!