And by calisthenics, I don't mean just some regular pushups, and squats daily. I mean like a program where you're constantly challenging yourself with leverage and different positions? Has anyone tried routines on madbarz or fitness666?

It's pretty interesting. I tried for a couple months towards the end of last year. It was interesting to work into different progressions such as pistol squats, one handed pushups and muscleups. Basically just curious if anyone here actually has some experience without necessarily incorporating weights all the time, or maybe using advance calisthenics along with weights?

I've read that gymnasts are typically the strongest athletes around, lb for lb. Obviously they aren't doing powerlifting, but the things that they can do with their bodies are pretty amazing, from planche pushups to handstand pushups. They also seem to have some good carry over into other lifts, including bench.

Anyways really just curious if anyone has had a great experience on a cycle with calisthenics, or do you feel it may be a waste? Read elsewhere that someone gained 22lbs doing calisthenics, but I don't know how much of it was actually kept.